My greatest accomplishment of the day was finally managing to take out the lenses from the fake glasses I bought.

Getting an A on my paper about diasporic communities comes in at a close second.

ok so paper due at midnight 

which means …

it’s clearly the best time to change my theme.

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I’ve been so bored this summer and really annoyed that I haven’t gone out much. So today I actually have plans to go out for drinks with a friend and I was pretty excited. But the thought of getting ready and trying to look like a decent human being is too much to bear.

Is the lazy hermit look in now… or ? 
I am the epitome of laziness… or pathetic, whatever.

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When someone I don’t exactly loveeee talking to says “you’re hard to find these days”
Hmm, that was kinda what I was going for…

Chocolate chip waffles with syrup and vanilla ice cream for dinner … my idea of a perfectly balanced meal. I should probably feel a little gross for eating at this time of night but it was soooo worth it !

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Taking showers at 2:30 A.M has become a normal thing for me now.
My internal clock is completely fucked up.

On a side note, Coconut body butter scrub smells and feels heavenlyyy.

is it worth it? let me work ittttt

Makes me so happy to hear old school jams on the radio after ages. 

I hate when I get my eyebrows done after forever and the pain is sooo much worse than I remembered.

When cars drive by my house blasting good music, I like to think they’re cute boys who live nearby and maybe I’ll run into them some day…
It hasn’t happened yet :(

The tumblr app is sooo shitty. It crashes every 2 mins, I swear.
I’m trying to see which individual in my class will be lucky enough to have a dash full of porn mwahaha.

Sitting in a lecture and half the class is on tumblr. Quite an effective boredom killer.

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I always get a majorrrr headache after I watch a 3D movie. But Avengers was totalllly worth it.

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The Avengers was such an amazing movie! I haven’t had that much fun watching a movie in a while. It was the perfect combination of action, drama and just the right amount of humour. I find the weirdest things to be endearing, so of course The Hulk was just super adorable to me! Definitely a movie I’d recommend.

Good-ish Hair Day :D

So after ages of straightening my hair every damn day, I finally left it alone today.
I’ve done enough damage with the non-stop straightening but maybe a few natural curly days might help.
I felt pretty fabulous walking around with my curls blowing in the wind =)

I always think i prefer straight hair but I didn’t realize how much I missed my curls!

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